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In 2019, the university began construction to transform the Main Library, the Albert B. Weaver Science-Engineering Library, Bear Down Gym, and a new four-story student success building into an interconnected district that will empower generations of students. Outdoor patios and walkways will become more than connections between buildings; they will provide unique spaces for everything from collaboration to meditation.

The UA learning experience extends outside of the classroom for every student. The Student Success District is the place that will drive students’ 24/7 development through an array of services and spaces based on collaborative, hands-on learning with deep technological engagement.

Inspired by the design of technology company campuses, the District will encourage students to move seamlessly between spaces that provide a full range of services and expertise allowing them to reach their academic and career goals.

Bear Down Gym is a cherished campus building with a rich history of serving our students in multiple roles and for many purposes over its storied life. We want this legacy to live on. To complete the final component of the District, the project team is focusing on the preservation and adaptive reuse of Bear Down Gym. Careful attention is being given to preserving the iconic elements of the building exterior; respecting the historic volume of space; and retaining important elements of the suspended mezzanine bleachers and gym floor. Future generations of students will enjoy a safe, sustainable, and accessible facility while simultaneously appreciating the rich history of Bear Down Gym as an important legacy of the University of Arizona. This historic icon will remain on the National Register of Historic Places and be renovated and preserved per the Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines, in consultation with the State Historic Preservation Office.

Scheduled for completion in 2022, this distinctive project brings together the UA’s commitment to academic excellence, student support, health and wellness and the preparation students need to become leaders in the modern workplace.

Embracing history, defining the future

Restoring iconic campus buildings with new technologies and services

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