Example of the Student Success District design

Creating Tomorrow

By infusing creative literacy into the fabric of student life, we're unlocking student success
and professional development on a mass scale while teaching students what it means to be human. 

The Student Success District is a collaboration with the UA Libraries,
Student Success and Retention Innovation, Student Engagement and Career Development,
and Campus Life programs in the UA Provost’s Office.


The UA undergraduate curriculum is increasingly based on students working in teams with hands-on learning opportunities. The Student Success District will be an integral part of how students continue this education outside the classroom.

The District is designed for collaborative learning, from the award-winning peer-to-peer tutoring program, to the inter-disciplinary learning communities of the CATalyst Studios at the Main Library. In this campus makerspace, special emphasis is placed on using different technologies as platforms for students to learn together in ways like...

  • Creating a prototype for an art project or an engineering model with 3-D printing technology

  • Using virtual reality to explore remote geographical sites, solve interactive puzzles, or create an animated film

  • Presenting research findings using multimedia production tools

  • Learning to program DIY computers such as the Raspberry Pi or Arduino boards

  • Fabricating with a laser cutter to create a physical model of a creative concept

  • Developing interactive GIS-based maps displayed on a state-of-the-art visualization screen

For generations to come, the Student Success District will prepare and propel students in every discipline into meaningful life experiences.